Monday, September 10, 2012

Shu Uemura 3day makeup course "Ayano"

Ohmeegosh...I'm so happy =) 
last week I went to the Shu Uemura 3 day makeup course that 
I purchased on
I was originally booked at their shop at Alabang town center but the location
is too far from my grandma's place so I tried calling Shu
to request a change of booking.
I emailed them and called their hotline but got no answer up to the day
of the workshop.
I tried texting the no. that I got on one of their ads on facebook
luckily she replied to me and helped me with my dilemma =)

She told me that the only available location is the one from rockwell, powerplant. 
Even though it is still far from where I'm staying 
there is nothing I can do since were in manila already.

On the 1st day of class I was super excited, we are 6 in the class.
Our make-up artist from Shu uemura is John Pagaduan. 
The day was covered with laughter because of john. hahaha


Here's whats on my makeup station on the 1st day =)

On the 1st day we tried Shu Uemura skin care line. Love it! the only down side is
that it is super expensive.. I think if you are going to buy their whole skin care system it'll cost 10,000 more or less. bummer!
But John said that it is worth every penny because it'll last for 2years.
still, I don't have that kind of money for skin care system..haha oh well!

I didn't got the chance to take a lot of photo's since we are so busy putting 
on makeup and trying all their products.
What I like about this workshop is that you can try all their products, they have a tester
for all their cosmetics and skin care =) you'll just go to the tester counter and pick 
whatever you like.

Here are some photo's I took while i was in rockwell =)

I super love their brow pencil in hard8!!!

 Overall the experience was fantastic. Learned a few tricks and techniques from John =)
Got my certificate of completion woot woot! and they gave us the black lifetime membership card and some testers...

* what I don't like is that I had a lot of breakouts since everyday we were using different kind of skin care + manila's polluted air...huhuhu =( bad!!!

thanks everyone =')

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