Thursday, November 1, 2012

Disney Princesses Inspired Makeup Look

I know that this post is way overdue...
I've created these looks when I just started blogging, that was 4months ago =)
It was a special request by my daughter Yesha.
Just like every little girl's dream she wanted to be a princess.. that's why she keep on asking me
to do a makeup look like Snow white,Cinderella, Belle, etc.
The makeup look that I did is not what the princesses are wearing in the movie, but the
inspiration of the looks are based on the color of their clothes and how
 they were described in the story. 
 I had fun creating these look since my daughter and I get to play a game.
 Our game was for each look I'll make she would guess which character i re-created
it was fun  coz' I got to play around with her and do what I love the most =)

Hope you guys like it as much as my little girl did.
If you want me to make a tutorial on a particular princess look 
just comment below.

Thanks Ladies =) 




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