Monday, December 3, 2012

Beauty Cosmetic's - 12pc Synthetic Brush Set Review

I know that this review of the 12pc Synthetic brush set
by Beauty Cosmetics is way overdue.
anyhoo, I'm doin this because I personally love
 their makeup brushes and feel like
I need to share it to you guys.

So, let's get started =)

When I received the brushes it was wrapped it
 bubble plastic for protection. =)

Inside the brushes are on a plastic packaging and the
brushes are also packed individually.

Makeup Brush Case =)
lovely isn't it? looks a lot like Sigma.

Magnetic clasp at the back.

Here are the complete list 
of the brushes. 

** Face Brush**

#1 - Powder Brush

#2 - Flat Top Brush

#3 - Angled Blush Brush

#4 - Foundation Brush

**Eyes and Lip Brush**

#5 - Crease Brush
#6 - Blending Brush
#7 - Medium Shader Brush
#8 - Large Shader Brush
#9 - Angled Crease Brush

#10 - Angled Eyeliner Brush
#11 - Lip Brush
#12 - Pencil Brush


- Superb Quality
- Very Affordable Price
- Does not Shed or Bleed
- Brushes are very Soft =)
- Light weight
- love the color black,looks very PRO
 if you know what i mean =p


- Brushes does not have a label on it.

Hope this review help you guys!!

I think this set is out of stock at the moment
but do check Beauty Cosmetics on Facebook
for the availability of the brushes =)
 Can't wait to purchase the holiday brush collection!! 

Pretz Pacheco