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Hi guys, I know a lot of you have been asking for a review
of the Dinair Airbrush System.
Recently, my mom got me the personal -pro airbrush kit from Dinair 
 for an early Christmas gift.

She bought it online and have it shipped to San Diego where my 
Sister-in-law Yana is staying so, that yana could bring it
with her when she go back here in the Philippines.

Nwys, when yana told me that she got the airbrush package
I told her to open the box so I could check if its complete.
Some of the items are missing like a couple of 
makeup shades, designer stencils 
(eyebrow and contour stencils)
 Practice Sheets, Brochures and Color Chart =(

I didn't have the time to skype Dinair and tell them that I was
missing some items in my order, since yana's flight is like 2days from when she received the package. I thought that there is no point of complaining because even if they send the missing items it will take 4-7days at least.

 These are the contents of the 
Personal Pro kit on their website.




get started for $29.95
4 Foundation Shades, 1/4 oz.
Pro Beauty Airbrush
Pro Compressor
(All Speed, 16 Colors)
Moist & Dewy Moisturizer
Easy to Learn DVD
$5 Dinair Dollars
4 Shades, 1/4 oz.
Designer Stencil Set
Sample Concealer
Facial Tanner, 1/2 oz.

Open Box

Here's what it looks like from the box. 
You can see the compressor, Box for the adapter,
Clear Plastic Bag that has all the other items
for the airbrush.

* when I first saw the makeup pack, I knew that it was 
missing a couple of makeups =(
Since I was expecting 8 1/4oz makeup shades.

Here is the Dinair Airbrush System -Personal Pro Kit that I got.


(look how tiny it is ='p)


Dark Golden Beige
Light Golden Beige
Honey Beige
Golden Tan
 Moist and Dewy

Light Bronze
Dark Peach Pink
Practice Makeup
 Airtan Facial Tanner - Dark

** What I hate is that I only got 2 Free shades

Airbrush Cleaner & Water Dispenser Bottle

Travel Caps, Airtan Cap and Cleaning Band

 Adapter and Plug

Color Corrective- Concealer 3ml


 Distance Guide

       You will also get a 
$5 gift card for your next purchase
Warranty  Card
Complimentary Lessons CD
Quick Start guide

*** Didn't have the Practice Sheets, Brochures and Color Chart =(

 This is a collage when I first got 
and tried my airbrush system =)
I only used the foundation
 (mix of honey beige + lt. golden beige),bronzer
concealer and moist and dewy.


- Overall System is very light weight.
 - Silicon Free,Paraben Free, Oil Free, Hypo-Allergenic
- No Retouching
- It is super easy to use even my grandma can use it =p
- and cleaning is a no brainer =)
- The makeup has a Matte Finish which I lurve!!!
- It can last up to 12hrs or longer.
- Makeup are water based
- Wide range of makeup shades to choose from.


- Concealer tends to crease,fast! so you better
use a primer or try other concealer
that can be use for water based makeup.

Hope this review helps!
Thanks ladies..

Here's a picture of me with Dinair airbrush makeup for
19hours? not sure.( went to church @10am, cooked lunch @12pm, and took a nap for 2hours @ 2-4pm.
went to my daughter's photoshoot( playground & carnival) @5-9pm
 then went home around 12midnight i think..)
I didn't get oily at all!!! =)
but the next day I have a couple of breakouts on my T-area =(
I have redness around the nose area due to allergies.

Pretz Pacheco
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